Flying Whale Recording Studio is located in the Grass Valley – Nevada City area of Nevada County in Northern California. Tucked away in a country setting on the old Arrowhead Gold Mine. We are fifteen minutes from Grass Valley, Nevada City or Colfax. Restaurants and services are closer still. We are one hour from Sacramento and one hour (and a bit) from Lake Tahoe.

You are welcome to stay in our quest cabin (old gold mine building – shown below) and use our kitchen to prepare meals. No extra charge. Well maybe a little something in the winter for heating. Or you can find lodging, food, and entertainment within a 15-minute drive.

Rates are $40/hour – (Includes engineer) or bring your own. Bruce is perfectly happy to assist any producer or engineer the artist chooses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If $40/hour sounds too good to be true we’ll be happy to charge you more. 🙂                                     


Studio Information

We have three rooms:
Control Room (240 sq. ft.)
Studio (320 sq. ft.)
Isolation Booth  (80 sq. ft.)

Performing and recording music is an artistic, emotional and technical endeavor. Sometimes it’s a joy. Sometimes it is hard work. Finding what works best for an individual or group is the first concern at Flying Whale Recording.



Pro Tools HDX

Microphones by: Neumann, Lawson, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, EV, Rode…

Mic PreAmps by: Avalon, TC Electronics, True Systems, Focusrite, Presonus…

Outboard Gear by: Manley, Avalon, Empirical  Labs, SPL, Joe Meek, Lexicon, TC Electronics, DBX, Roland, Alesis…

Plug-ins by: Waves, Slate, Eventide, Antares, Elysia, Brainwox, Massey, reFuse, PSP, Klanghelm, Tokyo Dawn, Maag, Valhalla…

 Midi Gear by: EMU, Yamaha, Roland, Ensoniq, Korg, MOTU…


Owner/engineer Bruce Wheelock learned the recording process from “the other side of the glass,” having played and recorded trap drums for 20 years before morphing to the control room. This gives him a natural sensitivity to the needs of the performer. He has also performed in a myriad of bands and run live sound for many others.

You can:

  • Record and mix your music from start to finish
  • Bring your digital audio tracks in for mixing
  • Bring your mixes in for some final touches
  • Master your CDs for duplication
  • Record voice-overs
  • Create soundtracks
  • Transfer records and tapes to CD
  • Restore life to older recordings