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Flying Whale Recording

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Alasdair Fraser

Lorraine Gervais


Ivan Najera

Saul Rayo

Objects in the Mirror

Harmony Ridge

The Dog Tones

Mountain Laurel

Rik Augustin

Dakota Sid Clifford



Louis Johnson

The Pyronauts

Maggie Mckaig &

Luke Wilson

George Souza

Stephen Holland

Chuck Ragan

Elena Powell

Gary Bowman

The Shreds


Links To Artists


Alasdair Fraser www.alasdairfraser.com

Lorain Gervais www.lorrainegervais.com

Ivan Najera www.ivannajera.com

Mountain Laurel www.mountainlaurel.us

Louis Johnson www.dosalmas.com

Dakota Sid Clifford www.dakotasid.com

The Pyronauts www.thepyronauts.com

Maggie Mckaig www.maggiemckaig.com

Rik Augustin www.rikaugustin.com

George Souza (530) 432-4143

Utah Philips www.utahphillips.org

Bob Kelaghan www.thesingingyogi.com

Debby McClatchy Google-Debby McClatchy

Stephen Holland www.stephenholland.info

Past Due & Playable (530) 265-8672

John Carter (530) 674-7635

Mystafya www.myspace.com/mystafya

Chuck Ragan www.chuckraganmusic.com

Elena Powell www.elenapowell.com

Gary Bowman www.songoftheanimals.com

The Shreds www.theshreds.com


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